To See Jesus Praying

There is so much talent here on WordPress. This is a wonderful poem from poet Daryl Madden.


Can’t imagine anything
More beautiful than this
To see Jesus praying
Or singing in our midst

Connection of the perfect
One so pure and true
Hearing, seeing, being
Spirit flowing through

Connection of divine
Love so strong, it thrives
One so powerful
Third being comes alive

To see Him gently motion
Come here, now begin
Sing Your song of prayer
With me, come join in

Let me enter into
The love which Spirit flows
To prayer of the divine
My God I come to know

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Be at Peace ~ Saint Francis de Sales

Lord my God, I offer this beautiful prayer from Saint Francis de Sales for all those who need it at this time – for those who are lonely (both young and old), those who are homeless, people (and animals) who are ill, people who are dying and may not have someone to comfort them, those who are frightened and feeling unable to cope with their burdens, the anxious, mentally and physically ill, those caught up in the atrocities of war – for everyone who feels they are going through the darkest of times and unsure of what lies ahead.

Lord, hear our prayer.

Be At Peace

Do not look forward in fear to the changes in life;
rather, look to them with full hope that as they arise,
God, whose very own you are,
will lead you safely through all things;
and when you cannot stand it,
God will carry you in His arms.

Do not fear what may happen tomorrow;
the same understanding Father who cares for
you today will take care of you then and every day.

He will either shield you from suffering
or will give you unfailing strength to bear it.
Be at peace,
and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations.

Saint Francis de Sales

God’s Promises Promote Perseverance

A super-encouaging post on the strength of God’s promises from Wendy.

Wendy L. Macdonald

Each spring, when birdsong and blossoms fill my garden with music and perfume as pretty as the petals dancing in the breeze, I remember a promise.

There have been many promises made to me over the years. One of my favorites is my husband’s promise to love and cherish me ‘til death do us part. He’s continued to fulfill it since 1983. Our marriage is by no means perfect. But we’re both being perfected by the love of Christ.

Our recent venture into daily praying together for our adult children is proof God’s promise to work in and through us is continuing.

We’re motivated to pray because of a promise God made to us.

He’s a forever-promise-keeper. When we fear what the future holds, choosing to trust God will continue holding us grants us peace and promotes perseverance in our faith. Our hope in him is secure because His love…

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Lord, You Are Here

Lord, you are.

Lord, you are here, in this very moment.

Lord, you are around me and within me.

You may be unseen, yet you are very near.

You made me, love me and are within me.

You are my light, Lord, no matter how dark the day.

You are the light, Lord, that cannot be overcome.

You are the light of my life and the light in my life.

Lord, abiding in me, you are my salvation.

With you in me and I in you

I shall not perish but have everlasting life.

Lord, you are here, in this very moment.

Lord, you are.

(author unknown)

Our wilderness

This is a beautiful prayer from Ruth from ‘Seeking God’s Face Together’, which will bring peace and comfort to lots of people.

Visit her blog for more inspiring Celtic prayers.

Seeking God's face together

In all their suffering he also suffered (Isaiah 63:9; NLT).

Christ Jesus
Shares our wilderness,

Christ Jesus
Shares each fear.

Christ Jesus
Shares our suffering,

For he is
Always near.

Christ Jesus
Shares our pain and grief,

Christ Jesus
Shares each tear.

Christ Jesus
Shares our brokenness,

For he is
Always here.


Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer (Luke 5:16; NLT).

He was in such agony of spirit that his sweat fell to the ground like great drops of blood (Luke 22:44; NLT).

Shall I not drink from the cup of suffering the Father has given me? (John 18:11; NLT).

He is not far from any one of us (Acts 17:27; NLT).

Then Jesus wept (John 11:35; NLT).

You will cry out from anguish of heart and wail in brokenness of spirit (Isaiah 65:14; NIV).

Christ is all that matters, and he lives in all of us…

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Avoiding Difficult People Is Not Christlike Love

“Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you,” says the girl, photographed in black and white, looking off into the horizon. Shared thousands of times on social media, the meme is meant to empower: You deserve to feel good all the time, so make it happen.

Anyone with a difficult friend, neighbor, or coworker has faced this temptation to sever ties. And it’s an enticing bonus that, if we do, we’ll be called “brave” for shutting out difficult people.

But when the persons affecting our happiness are simply awkward or annoying, this popular meme spirals into sin and foolishness. If the people we should dismiss from our lives are just those who have let us down, well, haven’t we failed often too? If a friend is genuinely trying to call out our sin, but it makes us uncomfortable or ashamed, is that the sort of relationship we don’t deserve?

For Christians, the issue is especially complicated. Christ’s body on earth is made of human bodies. It’s inevitable that we’ll encounter people we find annoying or depressing or weird or clingy or even downright mean in our small groups or pews. So what’s our prescription? Do we take the path of the meme? The Bible, as ever, offers a better way.

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Written by Maria Baer for The Gospel Coalition.

Thank you God for the Horse

“You see a horse with your eyes but you feel a horse with your soul.”author unknown

“Where in this wide world can man find nobility without pride, friendship without envy, or beauty without vanity? Here where grace is laced with muscle and strength by gentleness confined” — from the Ode to the Horse by Ronald Duncan, created for Horse of the Year Show

Horse and Human in perfect unison

“When I bestride him, I soar. I am a hawk: he trots the air; the earth sings when he touches it; the basest horn of his hoof is more musical than the pipe of Hermes” Shakespeare

In Spite of War, In Spite of Hate

Angela Morgan lived during both of the World Wars. In this poem, Morgan shares that despite a devastating war raging on, everything in nature continued as if nothing was happening. The same can be true about our lives. Life continues even when terrible things happen, so this poem encourages us to look at the beauty around us rather than focus on the negative aspects of our lives.

In Spite of War by Angela Morgan

In spite of war, in spite of death, 
In spite of all man’s sufferings, 
Something within me laughs and sings 
And I must praise with all my breath. 
In spite of war, in spite of hate 
Lilacs are blooming at my gate, 

Tulips are tripping down the path 
In spite of war, in spite of wrath. 
“Courage!” the morning-glory saith; 
“Rejoice!” the daisy murmureth, 
And just to live is so divine 
When pansies lift their eyes to mine. 

The clouds are romping with the sea, 
And flashing waves call back to me 
That naught is real but what is fair, 
That everywhere and everywhere 
A glory liveth through despair. 

Though guns may roar and cannon boom, 
Roses are born and gardens bloom; 
My spirit still may light its flame 
At that same torch whence poppies came. 
Where morning’s altar whitely burns 
Lilies may lift their silver urns 
In spite of war, in spite of shame. 

And in my ear a whispering breath, 
“Wake from the nightmare! Look and see 
That life is naught but ecstasy 
In spite of war, in spite of death!”

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” (Romans 12:12 New International Version)

“The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” (Deuteronomy 31:8 New International Version)

“Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and will carry you; I will sustain you and will rescue you.” (Isaiah 46:4 New International Version)

June: Honor the Father Tag

Thank you to Dawn at Drawing Closer to Christ for nominating me for Honor the Father Tag.

Here are the links to the original authors of this unique tag: Dollfaced Writer and Purple Rose.

The meaning of this tag

From Dollface

A father is someone who loves his child unconditionally, provides for them, protects them always, teaches them values, disciplines them fairly, and wants the best for them. For that, we should always, ALWAYS have respect for our fathers. They are created to bear the responsibility of caring for and protecting their families just as God calls them to do. Father’s Day is about reminding your father how much you appreciate him, but I hope this tag will perhaps remind you this month how blessed you are to have a father at all.

As I said before, this is a very hard day for me every year. My father and I have a very complex relationship. In fact, it is the polar opposite of my relationship with my mother. Growing up I felt abandoned, rejected, unloved, forgotten, and neglected because of his behavior that stemmed from alcoholism and what I believe could have been other mental health issues (don’t quote me, I’m not a doctor XD).

I will always love my father. He is a part of me, half of me to be exact. However, mustering the strength to honor or respect him at all has taken a long time to do. We talk sometimes over text, but not a lot. Some days he responds and I feel like we’re getting somewhere, then he vanishes like he always did. It has helped living a thousand miles away from him since finishing high school, but I have come to accept the pain I feel from my childhood will never go away. Recently, in the last week actually, he said something that has proven he’ll never change. I was trying to gain closure, but he continues to blame me for things that I may talk about in another post. Anyways, he may move on in his life, which is painful for me to watch, but that doesn’t change the past he continues to deny and blame me for.

If you have a similar situation, whether you have been abused, manipulated, abandoned, or rejected by your father (even someone else in your family), can I give you some advice that has helped me cope with such a toxic relationship?

You have a choice. You can walk away. You can block a number. You can say no. You can cut them off from your life. That doesn’t mean you don’t honor them, that just means you have enough respect for yourself to protect your heart and enough respect for them to love them at a safe distance. You can pray for someone every day and never talk to them again. Isn’t that better than subjecting yourself to more pain and building up further resentment that could become the poison of unforgiveness? I think so, because no one deserves to be abused in any way. You deserve love. If you don’t/didn’t receive that love from your father, always know you have a Father in Heaven who loves you more than your father ever could.

I hope you do have an awesome father though. If you do, give him a bear hug and be grateful to have the best protector you could have on this earth. If you don’t, pray for him, friend


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1. Thank the person who nominated you to participate.

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My dad 1920-2015 (taken in 2012)

Here are the questions for this month’s tag:

1. What is your relationship like with your biological father, if anything at all?

My dad died in March, 2015 at the age of 94, but I still feel a strong bond with him and he’s in my thoughts often. Something always occurs to bring back funny and happy memories of him. He was a good dad, but I never really got close to him until my mum passed away in 2012. I’m glad I got the chance to get to know him properly.

2. What is one thing you would change about your father if you could? What is one thing you wouldn’t change?

When my parents were both still alive, my dad knew just which buttons to push to wind my mother up, which caused chaos in our home. It was entertainment to him, but I wish he hadn’t done it quite so much.

I wouldn’t change how kind he was, especially to animals.

3. Who do you celebrate on Father’s Day (your father, step-father, grandfather, uncle, etc.)?

I celebrate my own dad, my husband’s dad (also passed away) and the hubster.

4. What was the most valuable thing he taught you?

Try to always be honest.

5. What is one thing he does that you would never do?

I didn’t dare wind my mother up the way he did!

6. How do you honor him on Father’s Day?

Hubby and I remember our dads and talk over the special times together.

7. How has your relationship with him impacted the person/parent you are today?

He was always honest and fair and he passed that on to me. He also loved gardening, animals and nature and, thankfully, he gifted those traits to me also.

I am tagging…

Anyone who would like to share their dad with us. 💕